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6 Key Elements To Every Liberal Argument…Ever!

Thomas Friedman’s latest article No Fooling Mother Nature is a must read and will serve as a case study in understanding every liberal argument ever.

Here are the key elements:

Step 1:  Define the problem.  Strike that…crisis.  Problems won’t work they won’t elicit enough passion and outrage. In this case the crisis du jour is the gulf oil spill.

Step 2:  Find the villain or villains…that will work too.  For this article Mr Friedman turns his sights on a range of culprits.

“But it means that we have to stop messing around with idiotic “drill, baby, drill” nostrums, feel-good Earth Day concerts and the paralyzing notion that the American people are not prepared to do anything serious to change our energy mix.”

There’s a lot there.  Drill, baby drill is a stand-in for anybody right of left.  And there are the well-meaning folks that le that just don’t get.  These are the small brains that need the intelligentsia to see the light.  Thankfully people like Mr. Friedman are here to help us make sense of it all.

But the real villain, of course, are the Republicans who refuse to help do anything on this issue.  And the mask is thrown off in the following quote.

“Needless to say, it would be a lot easier for the president to lead if more than one Republican in the Senate was ready to lift a finger to help him.”

Step 3:  What’s needed…or the answer.  Mr. Friedman lays it out for us up front, first paragraph.  That’s smart…don’t make me work too hard.  And the solution to this mess…the one thing that will prevent this type of catastrophe from happening down the road:  a law.  Think of it as the something that will protect the environment.  Protect the safety of America.  And make every day sunny:

“The only meaningful response to this man-made disaster is a man-made energy bill that would finally put in place an American clean-energy infrastructure that would set our country on a real, long-term path to ending our addiction to oil.”

Step 4: Demand not only action…radical action.  Again, it’s not enough to say that something needs to be done.  What we need to do is throw the baby out with the bath water.  Again, here are Mr. Friedman’s thoughts:

“As the energy consultant David Rothkopf likes to say, sometimes a problem reaches a point of acuity where there are just two choices left: bold action or permanent crisis. This is such a moment for our energy system and environment.”

And it should not come as a surprise that the one man who can really do something about this is President Obama.  In fact his actions on this matter will be a defining moment for his presidency.

Step 5:  Provide emotional support for the argument.  Not logical…emotional.  This is critical.  An argument cannot be based on logic…that won’t work.  Sure you can throw a couple of facts in here and there.  And if you need to make those facts up…that’s fine.  But the real draw, however, is the emotional pull.  Friedman uses it very well in the following:

“That is so obviously the right thing for our environment, the right thing for our national security, the right thing for our economic security and the right thing to promote innovation.”

Additionally, the right choice of words is critical.   Wake-up call.  Galvanize.  Seize the moment.  Are peppered throughout to fan the flames.  Can’t you feel the passion, the anger and outrage?

Step 6:  Act now.  Leave the reader on the verge of disaster unless something happens TODAY!

If we settle for just an incremental response to this crisis — a “Hey, that’s our democracy. What more can you expect?” — we’ll be sorry. You can’t fool Mother Nature. She knows when we’re just messing around. Mother Nature operates by her own iron laws.”

This is vintage…if you don’t do something now — something big, well you can just imagine the possible outcome.  On a side note, what iron laws of nature is he referring to?  God only knows?

So there you have it.  The six key elements in every liberal argument.  Sure you can mix up the pieces up.  Change the order around…but basically it’s the same wrap.  And it can be used for just about any topic.  Take out oil put in health care.  Or take out health care and drop in immigration, or the recovery act, or carbon tax,  whatever.

You get the idea, right?

Be on the look for it because it will used again and again in every single issue that comes up.  And understanding how the argument is constructed is the first step in defeating each argument…every time.

Thanks for the lesson Tom!


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Define Small

A recent Pew study brings more good news for the GOP.  But to maximize the impact…they will need to define small.

According to the study:  “the general public now wants government reformed and a growing number want its powered curtailed.”

Another way of stating this — more people want smaller government.  This is a trend that has been building for some time and should help GOP candidates in November and beyond, right?

I think so but there will be some work ahead namely:  What does a smaller government mean?  What does it look like?  What will I have to do without?

Is there a vision that is out there?  I’m not sure?

So in the days/months ahead it seems that this should be a key objective — something worth the time and effort.  I’m sure it won’t be a simple task.  Still, it shouldn’t be all that difficult as businesses have to do this all the time.

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Are We On The Right Track Yet?

Some very interesting numbers in the daily Rasmussen Report.  According to a new telephone survey 35% of voters say the country is heading in the right direction.

Taking a closer look.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • Sixty-three percent (63%) of Democrats are optimistic about the nation’s current course, a 15-point jump from two weeks ago.  Of note — prior to the passage of the health care bill, Democrats were almost evenly divided on the question: 48% said the country was headed in the right direction, and 44% felt it was going down the wrong track.  Not a surprise
  • As for the GOP — 88% of think the nation is heading down the wrong track.  Again no surprises…

Here’s where it gets good.

  • 68% of voters not affiliated with either major party continue to think the nation is heading down the wrong track. This number has held steady for the past two weeks.

The unaffiliated voter block/ independents will be the key come November. We need ’em and in a big way.  And if we take these numbers plus the Rasmussen Trust Numbers, an encouraging picture starts to emerge.  It’s looking good for the GOP come November.

But let’s not stop here.  April to November is a lifetime away.  So what’s comes next?  Here are three suggestions.

  1. The GOP needs to continue to provide ideas.  Get away from the party that is against the Democrats and place more focus on the party with better ideas.  Independents will continue to look for solutions…we need to provide ’em.
  2. Get the specifics out into the hands of the public.  It’s not like the GOP doesn’t have ideas…but I would wager that few understand what these ideas are.  Start putting these ideas out into the world.  Let the bloggers and followers on Twitter help spread the word to the larger public.
  3. Start advertising now and run it as much as possible.  That said there are only so many dollars — therefore I would focus on key races and keep a continious stream of ads flooding into those markets.  The wind is at our back and now is time to press forward as much as possible.

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Anger Over Healthcare — Mr. Rich Can’t You Do Better?

Man is this getting old.  I’m talking about the hack job Frank Rich did in the NY Times on March 28th.   It’s the same song-and-dance from the liberal press each and every time there is a profound disagreement about an issue.  In this case it is healthcare.  I don’t like what you are doing so I’m going to call you a racist…

It seems to be the adult version of  “my dad is bigger than your dad.”

I’m against the bill.  Can’t I be passionate it? Lord knows there are plenty of folks on the other side passionate and dare I say a bit militant (I just put my pinky finger next to my mouth in a kind of Dr. Evil way just now) about issues.  Oh PETA comes to mind. Or what about Greenpeace? How about the fun loving folks at Code Pink?  Not sure, but they seem somewhat surly from time-to-time.

Do we ever here much about their anger?  About their bitterness?  Somehow all those seem to be forgotten.  Dismissed as being all for a good cause.

But when it comes to this…this monster of a bill  if you disagree well it must be because you hate people — specifically blacks, gays and strong women.  I thought the left side were suppose to be the open-minded group.  Love everyone…accept all ideas.  Clearly Mr. Rich doesn’t believe in that notion.

So going forward Mr. Rich and team,  if you are going to attack folks on the right…try and come up with something maybe a bit more original? And stay away from the “I must be a racist — I’m a bigot line.”  It’s just not true.

Or don’t you have anything else?

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