Are We On The Right Track Yet?

Some very interesting numbers in the daily Rasmussen Report.  According to a new telephone survey 35% of voters say the country is heading in the right direction.

Taking a closer look.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • Sixty-three percent (63%) of Democrats are optimistic about the nation’s current course, a 15-point jump from two weeks ago.  Of note — prior to the passage of the health care bill, Democrats were almost evenly divided on the question: 48% said the country was headed in the right direction, and 44% felt it was going down the wrong track.  Not a surprise
  • As for the GOP — 88% of think the nation is heading down the wrong track.  Again no surprises…

Here’s where it gets good.

  • 68% of voters not affiliated with either major party continue to think the nation is heading down the wrong track. This number has held steady for the past two weeks.

The unaffiliated voter block/ independents will be the key come November. We need ’em and in a big way.  And if we take these numbers plus the Rasmussen Trust Numbers, an encouraging picture starts to emerge.  It’s looking good for the GOP come November.

But let’s not stop here.  April to November is a lifetime away.  So what’s comes next?  Here are three suggestions.

  1. The GOP needs to continue to provide ideas.  Get away from the party that is against the Democrats and place more focus on the party with better ideas.  Independents will continue to look for solutions…we need to provide ’em.
  2. Get the specifics out into the hands of the public.  It’s not like the GOP doesn’t have ideas…but I would wager that few understand what these ideas are.  Start putting these ideas out into the world.  Let the bloggers and followers on Twitter help spread the word to the larger public.
  3. Start advertising now and run it as much as possible.  That said there are only so many dollars — therefore I would focus on key races and keep a continious stream of ads flooding into those markets.  The wind is at our back and now is time to press forward as much as possible.

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