Anger Over Healthcare — Mr. Rich Can’t You Do Better?

Man is this getting old.  I’m talking about the hack job Frank Rich did in the NY Times on March 28th.   It’s the same song-and-dance from the liberal press each and every time there is a profound disagreement about an issue.  In this case it is healthcare.  I don’t like what you are doing so I’m going to call you a racist…

It seems to be the adult version of  “my dad is bigger than your dad.”

I’m against the bill.  Can’t I be passionate it? Lord knows there are plenty of folks on the other side passionate and dare I say a bit militant (I just put my pinky finger next to my mouth in a kind of Dr. Evil way just now) about issues.  Oh PETA comes to mind. Or what about Greenpeace? How about the fun loving folks at Code Pink?  Not sure, but they seem somewhat surly from time-to-time.

Do we ever here much about their anger?  About their bitterness?  Somehow all those seem to be forgotten.  Dismissed as being all for a good cause.

But when it comes to this…this monster of a bill  if you disagree well it must be because you hate people — specifically blacks, gays and strong women.  I thought the left side were suppose to be the open-minded group.  Love everyone…accept all ideas.  Clearly Mr. Rich doesn’t believe in that notion.

So going forward Mr. Rich and team,  if you are going to attack folks on the right…try and come up with something maybe a bit more original? And stay away from the “I must be a racist — I’m a bigot line.”  It’s just not true.

Or don’t you have anything else?


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